November 4, 2011

Three Little Pigs in Old English

Be charmed... be charmed. *chuckles* Ah, me. The beauties of Olde English. I wish we still talked like this.



The Director said...

Oh my goodness gracious.

That is it.

I'm writing MY novel like THAT.


Thanks for sharing and making my day!

Ninja Tim said...

Worthily spoken, and with much hilarity accompanying its passage into the imagination of this particular viewer!

*marches loftily off and trips over own feet*

Pathfinder said...

I tried speaking like that once and everyone hated me. >_>

whisper said...

Director - DO IT. It's like a shortcut to winning NaNoWriMo - you say everything with four times as many words as necessary.

Ninja Tim - Lo, verily, and yea - I rejoice in the hearing of these glad tidings!

Pathfinder - such is the cruel world's response to the few among us who dare to be... unconventional.

Jake said...

Unconventiality! Psh! I went outside at six thirty this morning and shouted the Doctor's entire Pandorica speech to the world. Who needs to be conventional? >_>

At any rate, that was EPIC. :| Such lingual variabilities bring such an unspeakable euphoria to the moisture-accumulative pores of mine optical receptacles!

Pathfinder said...

I can picture (and almost hear) you doing that.
Conventionality is so overrated.
Except when it comes to ovens.

whisper said...

>_> Ah, Jake. You are a one-and-only. *shakes head in admiration*

And I laugh aloud with utmost merriment upon being informed of thine loquacious expression of emotion.

Jake said...

I fervently thank thee with gratitude not unlike the urgency one might experience when one is experiencing a spout of benumbed H2O, Whisper the Spy! It's been an enraptured jollity.

Jake said...

Seeing as I can't access Facebook, here is the equivalent of a wall post. :|

I heard rumors over hill and dale of another movie? :-o

whisper said...

Jake - I confess some small degree of speechlessness, and bow in respect to your superior talent with words.

Ahem. The rumors do indeed contain a semblance of truth. Our adversaries, the da Silvas, are currently working on their retaliation to our mighty The Ham Is A Lie, which will probably be posted in a few weeks. Once they've posted theirs, the Spy Clan will commence work on a video of our own, one that will assuredly be extremely Epic and Altogether Awesome.

Jake said...

Talent in words is not determined by a robust and oft-wordy vocabulary, Cap'n. *mediocre nod*

(OO) Surely nothing can compare to the hilarious and yet grim themes of The Ham Is A Lie? What can be more epic than black forest ham?

Besides pie, that is...

I look forward to it! *salute*

whisper said...

*chortles* The Ham Is A Lie was, if I dare say, one of our finest triumphs. We can only hope to trump it with our next video, when indeed it comes along.

Pie, of course, trumps ham. Even I will concede to that. On the mathematical scale of the universe,

pie > ham

It is commonly accepted.