November 17, 2011

the many perils of being a bookworm

Courtesy of Noelle


Faye said...

That's great! I think I might have that problem...
Thanks for sharing :)

Jake said...

Reshelving accident.

We all knew it was coming...and this time, the book wouldn't quite fit, so he had to push...and pull...until it happened.

Poor soul.

Ninja Tim said...

Hobos, monks, inmates... can homeschoolers be counted in that league? O_O *ponders*

And you said once you didn't have enough risk in your life Whisper. *shakes head, then stops and checks that the Library Fine Mafia have been appeased*

Pathfinder said...

Reshelving accident. Man, that sounds familiar. Once, at a bookstore, I knocked down a whole shelf. And found myself buried in a pile of books. Oh,the poor ladies that ran the least they were in the other room. And it didn't take too long to set it back up.
*rubs head* I'd forgotten how a hardback to the face feels...

whisper said...

Faye - I think most of us do indeed have this problem.

Jake - It was for the Cause. He died happy, I'm sure. What better way to go out than drowning in stories?

Ninja Tim - I wish I could be a homeschooler as a career. ^_^ If it would imply eternal reading, of course.

And you speak truth! Perhaps I do indeed have great risk in my life. I just haven't been looking for it in the right places.

And beware those Mafia. They're masters of disguise, manipulation, and assassination. I should know. I'm training to be one. >_> Or am I??? *leaves the puzzled masses to wonder*

Pathfinder - whoa! :O That's pretty dangerous. O_o Once while pushing around a cart of books in the library, I pushed... a bit too hard.... at just the wrong angle.... and the whole thing keeled over and spewed four rows of carefully sorted children's books over a two yard radius. It was altogether very magnificent. ^_^

Hardback to the face. XD

Brianna da Silva said...

Nice. Like it. :)