November 17, 2011

2 Superb Blogs for Writers

These are the two best blogs-of-writing-tips that I've found yet. I hope they're as helpful to you as they have been to me. ^_^

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This site is for writers of superhero stories/comicbooks/adventure/fantasy/scifi/etc. There are a few words of second-degree naughty language, but if you get past that, you'll find plenty of splendid tips. Though you could spend hours browsing, here's a few articles I found particularly useful, to get you started:

The squeaky-clean blog of author K. M. Weiland (by the by, her Medieval novel Behold the Dawn is a splendid, albeit mature, epic tale). Years of posts on writing, with tips both practical (5 Ways to Pace Your Story) and general.


Faye said...

Have you heard of Go Teen Writers?

It's my favorite for Christian Teen authors.

whisper said...

No, I've not! I'll have to look into them. :D Thanks!

Brianna da Silva said...

I looked through some of those Superhero Nation posts... interesting! And K. M. Weiland's site is definitely awesome!