February 7, 2011


I have sad tidings, which you may have already heard.

Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall Series, died two days ago.

How very sad. I'm sure many of you have read those honorable books - for me, they were my first real, sad, epic, long stories. They were the first books I read where good guys might actually die, where bad guys might actually win (for a time), but where good would ultimately triumph in the end.

I remember in an interview several years ago Jacques said he planned to keep writing the Redwall series till the day he died... he lived up to that ambition. Two days ago a heart attack took him at 71 years of age; this May his 22nd Redwall book, "The Rogue Crew", will be released.

I only found out the news that he'd died just this morning. When I saw the headline of the article, I literally leaped out of my chair and ran, yelling through the house, up and down stairs, shouting to siblings, "The author of the Redwall series DIED!" The news was greeted with much shock and sadness.

I was working tonight at the library - just got back a half hour ago, in fact. While I was tidying books in the children section, I came to the lonely little section storing the half-dozen Redwall books that hadn't been checked out. Loamhedge, Martin the Warrior, Redwall, High Rhulain... I stroked their spines, each one individually, and thought of something I remembered and cherished about each story. Then I stood there, hands folded behind my back, and spent a few moments staring at the books, giving mental tribute to the man who wrote them. Before moving on, I whispered a few quick words to the books. "Thank you for a good tale well-told," I said. Not particularly profound words, but they were what came to me.

Farewell, Brian Jacques.


The Director said...

Thank you for the post, whisper. I wouldn't have known otherwise. I think I'm in shock.

I posted about it, too, though.

Farewell and thank you, Brian Jacques.

Cson said...


^ all I have to say.


whisper said...

We were in shock too, Director. I think this is the first 'celebrity' death we've ever heard of in which we actually cared about the celebrity. >_> I'll go read your post.

Well-said, Cson.

Sierra said...

I am totally shocked and heartbroken!!!!! I had not heard of it yet.

Anonymous said...


I've seen his books at the library, and I've heard a lot of good things about them. Which book should I read first?

Silver Angel said...

^^^^ i would also know which one to read first... i have tried to find it a few times but failed.
i remember watching redwall on the TV... loved that show. a little too much i am afraid, because my parents did not let me watch it anymore cause they feared we would love it TOO much.

and thanks for posting this Whisper, i would have never known...

Jake said...

Alas! for a great genius has died, and a soul has departed from this earth--but his imagination will live on. Fare well, Brian Jacques, and may your novels be cherished for ages to come as epic tales of virtue and courage. Farewell!

whisper said...

'Tis sad news indeed, Sierra... much of the reading world is in mourning. :(

Anonymous and Silver Angel; as with the Chronicles of Narnia, there are two ways you can read the books. If you want to read them in order they were written (which is the way I did it, and I liked it) you should start with "Redwall." But if you'd like to read them in the order the events occur, you should start with "Lord Brocktree." Either route you take, they're very enjoyable. I hope you both like them. :)

SA, I've never seen the TV series, but I've heard of them... you should read the books; you should! You'd like them. :)

'Tis true, 'tis true, Jake! A fitting farewell tribute to the great Jacques.

Millardthemk said...

Mhmmmm, touching.

Rowan said...

It can't be true! Tell me it's not true! *sobs* I shall inform my family...Oh the adventures I had reading those books. *is saddened to the bone marrow*

Pathfinder said...

this is shocking and saddening. It dampens my smile and warm mood.

should I start with Redwall or Lord Brocktree?

whisper said...

(sorry it took me so long to reply)

Indeed, Millard.

And we likewise, Rowan! Just flipping through any one of his books brings to mind such good times...

Hm.... Pathfinder, I would recommend starting with Redwall. That's how I first read them and I liked it, because I got to see how his writing style changed throughout the first few books, and that was cool. :) But you could start with either one.


Pathfinder said...

Thank you, my friend!

whisper said...

oh, my pleasure; my pleasure. :)