January 1, 2012

a fond farewell.

All things must come to an end.

And I think that it is time for Jabberwocky to come to a fond close.

I've concluded that, as I'm running out of things to post, my time and yours will no longer be wisely spent in the keeping up of this weblog. So, at the very least I'll take a nice long break of a few months or so. Perhaps at the end of said time I'll post some more; perhaps not. I wish I could stay connected to the blogosphere. o_O But I fear it is a time vacuum to me. So many valuable things to read and say...

You are each unique and awesome, and I eagerly await the next time I see you in-persona. In case you'd like to contact me, you could just comment - I'll be emailed accordingly - or you could send me a direct email, the address of which I shall reveal.


I'll leave you to think that one over.

Final admonitions:

- if you haven't yet, play Portal. Please. You must. :| It's a fantastically randomly bizarrely awesome game.
- also, read On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. I never got around to ranting about that book's awesomeness, but I've lent it out to eleven different people and all of them have loved it. Please. Read it. It's for your own good. Also, you ought to look into The Man Who Was Thursday for a thoroughly bizarre tale of anarchy, espionage, wit, London, crashes, disguise, explosions, and overall G. K. Chesterton awesomeness. The ending is weird. But the rest is unquestionably epic.
- try some Dr. Pepper jelly beans, if you haven't already. They're supremely tasty.

Thank you ever, ever so much, kind readers. :) Your comments/thoughts/advice/input/randomness-spazzes have been a great source of smiles and encouragement for me. I'm going to step out of the blogging world for a time, but I'll still see all of you. :) Some in person, some through email/FB, and some in the undetermined Later. The future is composed of many bizarre occurrences, and only one of them is certain. If I don't meet you on this side, I'll see you on the Other. Then it'll be grand stories around campfires and adventures in cold woods and feasts in great halls.

Until then, my friends.

With all sincerity,
and eucalyptus,
Shelob for President,
thanks for reading,
see you around,



twas brillig, and the slythy toves
did gyre and gimble in the wabe.
all mimsy were the borogoves
and the mome raths outgrabe.


Ninja Tim said...

A fond, fond farewell. Thank you so much whisper, for everything you've given on this blog in the time I've been reading it. It has brought me much joy and laughter, and in some cases, much more.

See you sometime whisper. If not, than out of time around a grand campfire on the Other side I suppose.

Goodbye for now Jabberwocky... I hope to see you soon.

*waves hankey sadly but with a brave smile, turns and walks slowly away*

whisper said...

Fare thee well, O Ninja Tim! I thank thee eversomuch for your faithful reading and commenting. (: Here's hoping our paths will cross soon; any chance you'd be at PHC for another camp this summer? o_O

and here's to the Other side! *toasts with class of hot chocolate*

Precentor said...

Fare well in the non blogging world!

Pathfinder said...

*sniffs* It's been fun, you infamous pirate captain-spy. I shan't forget the Pirate Adventures and your epic speeches (very quotable, I might add).
Enjoy life, live it to the fullest; live it for The King!
(By the way, that poem is epic. And it's been stuck in my head all day...)
Until then!

Brianna da Silva said...

Farewell, Jabberwocky... I would be delighted if thou shalt be continued someday, but if not, then good-bye. *bows head slightly*

I will say, Whisper, that if you had to close out, you certainly closed out epicly! I love this post; very Whisper-ish. :-) But um... Shelob for President? O_o

whisper said...

Thank you, O Precentor! *waves*

Aw, fanks, Pathfinder. *sniffles* I'll never-ever forget those days and those battles either. Thanks for all the good times on the Mighty Duck! Never alone! E&V! *waves mighty sword* Until then.

And fare thee well, O Brianna. Thank you much. *bows lightly in recognition of compliment* And yes.... Shelob for President. :|

The Director said...

Oh dear. I'm a bit late in the farewelling, I was a bit in denial... just know, your blog has very much blessed me, and hey, at least you're not disappearing off the face of the internet entirely, and the blog is staying up.

That said.

I have been very glad to know you, dear whisper.


whisper said...

oh, I'm so so glad you've enjoyed Jabberwocky. :) Very-very glad. And 'tis so; I'm not vanishing altogether - I'd still be delighted to chat with any and all of you, if an opportunity arises! *nodnod*

It is a thorough pleasure, Madame Director. *bows*