November 9, 2011

"In our tree-house in the fall..."

In our tree-house in the fall
The Adventure Club gathers all

With our popguns and weapons of power,
We meet in the closet, our castle tower

Now stealthily to the crawlspace we run,
Into the spaceship goes every man and gun.

And now as darkness settles over Indian lands,
We run with the buffalo, in whooping bands.

And underneath our parents' bed we fend
Off dragons and goblins, to the bitter end.

copyright whisper, 2011. Mine.


whisper said...

here's to Neverland.

I miss these days.

The meter/rhythm/whatever is completely hopeless; I wrote this years ago, and can only hope the spirit of the thing is still conveyed.

Anyone know of a good treehouse picture? I tried to find something kid-like and simple and autumnish... nothing very good.

Ninja Tim said...

Yes, the rhythm/meter/whatever could be better, but the spirit of the piece is very much still there. =)

Speaking of neverlandishness... have you seen this swashbuckling family ad? It's the best:

(yes, it is from the mormon church, but I believe we can fully appreciate it just the same)

Jake said...

*applause* It's a great poem. *nodnod*

Anonymous said...

And underneath our parents' bed we fend
Off dragons and goblins, to the bitter end.

Oh, yes. Those days are so dear, so precious to look back on. Thank you for this. ^.^

whisper said...

Tim - Oh, good. ^_^ I am glad the spirit of it came through.

I've never seen that ad before! But it's EPIC. ^_^ Heehee. I love it. fantastic. I don't exactly see why/how it is an endorsement of the Morman Church, but it is a marvelous video nonetheless.

Jake - oh, thank you. *bows*

Katie - They are indeed. But the nostalgia hurts. :P Thank you so much for reading it. (:

Brianna da Silva said...

Awesome. :D And the picture is perfect.

whisper said...

Thank you. ^_^

J.T.Z. Baner said...

Life would not be life without imagination, i myself freffered shooting lazers at lampposts and, from time to time, transfigure objects into powerful beings by which I would battle, or them I would battle, usually both in the same battle.