October 14, 2011

8 Everythings

Greetings and salutations!

I have been largely absent from the online world. I have many excuses, none of which you'd like to hear, and all of which matter to me but not to you. So. Here comes a highly condensed account of some Lately-Things, concerning, respectively, a blog, a job, Eagles Wings, Apprentice, mornings, story titles, Jabberwocky, and an anonymous quote. Good stuff.

- - -

1. My sister has a blog. I've already mentioned the blog of Hark, but now my other sister, The Golux (alias Fountain, alias the wearer of the Indescribable Hat) has one of her own, as well! Entitled "The Simple Tales of Fountain", you can find it by clicking the screenshot below.

2. My Dad got a job. Huzzah! As you can read in this post, my Dad recently left his job as a pastor for complicated reasons. But a few weeks ago, he got a new, different sort of job, which, except for the fact that it pays less, is better in every way: Dad gets to work predominately from home, it's a Christian-run company and, ironically, there are a lot of other ex-pastors there. o_O Conspiracy. Anyhow, thank you so much for any and all prayers you submitted to the King concerning this matter - He heard and met them wondrously. :)

3. In a few days.... I'm going to meet Eagles Wings. O_O Elves, you know who this is. You know of Eagles Wings, the mighty, the brave, the cheerful. I and Rowan are going to meet her together for an afternoon. XD Huzzah! I'd offer to show pictures, but I don't want to compromise any of our secret identities. ^_^

4. My pet story, (working title) Apprentice, (you can find some info on it here) has gone through much, much, much rewriting. Between drafts one and three, I doubled the characters and quadrupled the word count. ^_^ I have no idea how much longer it will take me to complete the story. But at least I'm starting to think about beta readers. o_O Anyhow, Apprentice keeps me happy and gobbles up my time. I'm going to try to compose a nice "back-cover blurb" description thingy so I can explain what in the seven stars is it about, both to the mighty readers of this humble blog and to anyone (friend, foe, or family member) who inquires.

5. This is how I feel.

Every morning.

Just thought I'd share.

6. Concerning story titles. I leave you three to consider.

A. The Can Go Bang.
B. Revenge of the Plot Bunnies
C. The Legend of Aunt Sylvia

^ I want to write those stories one day, and many more.

If you think you've missed something, don't worry, you haven't. :| For some reason I felt I ought to disclose these deep and bizzarre inclinations to you. Thank you for bearing with me in my hour of great need; I hope we understand each other.

7. According to legend (aka, in this instance, Leighton) there might be a Jabberwocky video game coming out at some point. o_O The truth of this matter is unverified, but there's still a cool trailer to be watched. ---> http://vz3.blur.com/work/detail/jabberwocky#movies/1

note the vorpral sword. ^_^

8. I'll leave you with a thought-provoking thought; an anonymous quote of great and profound meaning:

"Time flies like the wind.
Fruit flies like bananas."

- - -



The Director said...

Me like!

I heartily agree with that kitty.

And that screenshot from the video game looks like a grown-up Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon :P

And the trailer looks epic :D :D :D

Ninja Tim said...

The news of the job is wonderful, the story titles inspiring (if not entirely understandable at the moment), the kitten proof of the dangers of being an alarm clock (it's an important job but I wouldn't want to be one; terrible hours, extreme risk of complete destruction and no gratitude whatsoever for having done your job), the trailer EPIC, the quote hilarious.

Happiness. =)

whisper said...

The Director - By gum, he DOES look like Hiccup! o_O

Ninja Tim - Lo, how thankless the job of an alarm clock. Mine is going to meet an awful end one day.

Here's to Happiness, Ninja Tim. ^_^

Jake said...

*checks out Golux's blog*

Have fun meeting EaglesWings! It sounds like it'll be a fantastic time. :D Say hello to her for me! And ask her if she was planning on her contract this time. ;-)

Rowan, I haven't talked to her in...months now. O_o How is she?

That quote is deep. Very contemplative.

whisper said...

Good old Jake. Even when he's moving to Africa, he finds the time to comment on friends' blogs! *shakes head in admiration*

I'm very much looking forward to meeting her! *eek* I'll ask her- if I remember to. Which I may not. >_> I am forgetful. Rowan is doing well, methinks!

I know. ^_^ It's so very deep.