September 24, 2011


The grammarian within me rejoices, for today is National Punctuation Day! *cheers* A toast to wholesome grammar! *raises glass of apple cider*

On this informal holiday's official website,, this day is hailed as "A celebration of the lowly comma, correctly used quotation marks, and other proper uses of periods, semicolons, and the ever-mysterious ellipsis."

Our generation's standards of grammar have fallen to abysmal depths. In honor of the English Language and how it has served millions of people for centuries, take the time today to punctuate properly.

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The Director said...

*clinks glass of apple cider*
(Which sounds REALLY good right now...)

And yes, hail and long live grammar! :D

Eldra said...

(joins in the cider party* Yes!!! *pulls epic dance moves* Best day of the year!! (Well, there are other good days, too, but this one's pretty Epic.)

whisper said...

Cider does sound so veryvery good at this moment... Long live grammar indeed! In this day and age, it needs all the toasting and encouragement it can get. >_>

Eldra - so it is, so it is! And by the by, nice dance moves. ^_^ You'll have to teach me some day.

Eldra said...


Come on over some time and I'll teach you. :P

Ninja Tim said...

Huzzah for proper grammar & punctuation! =)
*attempts to dance and drink apple cider simultaneously, decides to just go with just the cider for fear of spillage*

whisper said...

Thanks, Eldra! XD

Huzzah indeed, huzzah indeed!