July 18, 2011

The House of Shelves

There is a house in Japan.

And it is a house of shelves.


I read an article about an absolutely glorious structure comprised entirely of shelves. Thousands and thousands of wooden nooks to be filled with everything under the sun! It's... breathtaking in possibilities... gloriously wonderful.

The house of shelves.
^ more pictures!

The house of shelves II
^even MORE joysome pictures!

It's beautiful.

dying of envy,
- whisper


Faye said...

That is so cool. I want one! LOL!

Squeaks said...

Wow! Intense! That's one unique house :P Not sure if I'd want it though...imagine how long it would take to clean the place!


Jake said...


If only I had the books to fill it. (:

The Director said...

Heh heh... wowie. That would be amazing..... (OO)

But there would be much dusts and bugs and spiders, methinks.....

whisper said...

Faye - SO DO I!! XD

Squeaks - aye; a friend of mine brought up the valid point that it would take a very, very, very long time to dust it all. :P BUT NONETHELESS! Methinks it would still be worth it. ^_^

Jake - *happy thought at all those books*

Director - dust, yes. Bugs and spiders... *shrugs* Perhaps. But again! It would be worth it. Even if the spiders were spies of... you-know-who. *cough*spiderking*cough*


Anonymous said...

You read that article too?
It would make a great library...


whisper said...

*nodnod* Aye, so it would! An absolutely beautiful one.

Tim said...

I have a friend/mentor who would greatly benefit from having such a house. She recently moved, but in her old apartment, her poor shelves were packed to the brim and overflowing with her books. Methinks such a house would make four layers of books on each shelf unnecessary!

But I guess you'd have to be super organized to know exactly where you put everything. Imagine how terrible it'd be to lose a book and have to search EVERY shelf to find it!

whisper said...

... I never thought of that. O.o Trying to actually find something amongst all those shelves......

Losing something in that house would be losing it forever. (OO)

Grace-and-Glory said...

hehe, thus the Dewey Decimal system. ;) you could be organized. it might take you a while but it also might be worth it.

whisper said...

Ahh... the good ole' DD. :) Probably would be useful, but a pain to enforce. And there is something wonderful in the blissful disorganization of hundreds of books.... *happy thoughts* :)

Ah well. Pros and cons to every choice.