July 6, 2011

Giveaway - Beyond the Dead Forest

The honorable book reviewer Michelle Archer is hosting a giveaway! On her blog Arrowhead Reviews she's offering a copy of the book Beyond the Dead Forest, by Steve Groll. The entry deadline has been extended until July 16.

From the review Michelle gave of it, it sounds like quite an intriguing tale. The basic premise:

Partners looking for adventure, that is what Kat and Carter’s relationship is like. When a mysterious forest shows up that only they can see, they know a real adventure just might have arrived. On one of their excursions to learn what lies within the woods they meet a man who will send them on a mission that might kill them. But if they survive the challenges the Dead Forest has for them they will end
up with some of the greatest treasures known to man.

Good stuff, right? Add to that that she compares it to a cross between The Phantom Tollbooth and The Pilgrim's Progress, and it sounds like quite the book. o_O

Go! Join!

Oh. And note the creepy red dragon on the book's cover. ^_^ Epic.



Jake said...

I'm hoping to read it. :|

whisper said...

As am I. :|

Tim said...

To a fellow Seeing Beauty reader and LeVo camp alumni,

I've only read a few of your posts so far and loving it. I'll definitely be back. =)

~ Tim

P.S. Wait, whoa. A cross between Norton Juster's Phantom Tollbooth and John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress? That sounds like a story worthy to be read...

whisper said...

To a fellow blogger and veteran of the aforementioned camp,

Huzzah! It's great to hear from you again! Thanks for visiting the blog, I am quite cheered to hear that you like it. :)

Oh, by the way, do you happen to be/know an admin on the LeVo forum? I signed up about a week ago, but my account hasn't been activated by an administrator yet. Any chance you could get me in?

P.S. My sentiments precisely. :|