April 15, 2011

Fields of Fireflies

Speaking of Fireflies, am I the only one who is inexplicably saddened by this song?

But I digress. *shakes head to clear it* I have a gladsome announcement! The Underground elf Rowan has (deja vu!) launched herself into the world of blogging! Please visit her lovely establishment:

Lost in Fields of Fireflies

Already Rowan has covered interesting topics such as spring, Legend of the Firefish (epic; read it), and modern-day slavery (atrocious; don't support it.)

*frowns* This was supposed to be bigger. Ah well. You get the idea. Fantastically lovely color scheme.

Perplexed by an excess of inexplicability,


Noelle Garnier said...

I, too, am rendered wistful and misty-eyed and tend to gaze west upon hearing the sweetly saccharine synthesized strains of "Fireflies" flit in sparkling, luminous hordes and defy radio static to reach my ears and evoke lucid recollections of starry summer nights. Actually, most Owl City songs do that to me. :)

Oh ... that first sentence might be one I'm proud of.


Marian said...

I've always thought that song was a tad depressing. I guess it's supposed to be nostalgic, but to me, it sounds more like an obsession with escapism. :P

Rowan said...

I feel so special!! :)

Yes, the song Fireflies does make me feel rather melancholy...I don't know why. Maybe it's because it makes me think of summer. 0_o

Vrenith said...

*cheers for Rowan's blog*

Ah, I love that song...


Jake said...

I like it. :) It makes me think of fireflies. I wonder why. O_o

Legend of the Firefish WAS epic. The entire trilogy was amazing.

whisper said...

Here, here, Noelle! Startlingly well-said. :D And by the by, I like your profile picture!

Marian - Nostalgic to the extreme. o_O And perhaps escapism as well...

Rowan - Yay! You ARE special. :) And I feel the same when listening to the song.

Me too, Vrenith. :) Love-hate, sort of. :P

Jake - I can't imagine why. o_O As to Firefish - true, true! Very epic.