April 15, 2011

"It was a dark and stormy night..."

"It was a dark and stormy night – well, not so stormy as it was dark. Actually, it wasn't stormy at all, but the roads were slightly damp, and maybe the clouds were the ones drowning out the stars instead of the city lights. In any case, it was Tuesday."

- - - - -

Those are the opening lines of my college essay. My mighty brother Sting inspired them and I composed. I like them, and so did the teacher.

They make me happy.

Have you written some sentences lately that you're particularly pleased with? Have you invented a key phrase or clever metaphor that makes you smile when you read it?

Hoping to read it,


The Director said...

That made ME happy. Seriously, that's an awesomely satisfying sentence. *applauds*

As for me?? No, I'm afraid I've written nothing of substance lately....

I'm seriously loving yours, though.

Squeaks said...

Love it, whisper! I have written particularly pleasing sentences lately...just can't recall em :P


Faye said...

That was great!

Jake said...

Fantastic! It sounds like some terribly clever something Whisper the Spy would write. :D

I have indeed written something I like. Let me find some quotes.

"No," Tevas said. "The trees are stirring. In the days when our father, the king, reigned, it was said that the trees danced and swayed in the music of creation. May it be so again, when our kingdom is regained. The language of Elrath holds power still, power enough for the trees to remember what once was."

"Faith is what awakens you to believe that the dawn will come."

"I had taken a shower earlier that day, and during that shower, Inspiration hit me over the head with my shampoo."

whisper said...

Whoa, thankyouthankyou; Director! I'm delighted that you liked it! :D

Thank you, Squeaks! If your sentences of brilliance happen to come to mind, I'd love to read them. :)

Thanks, Faye!

*grins* Thanks, Jake. :) Ahh... that first quote of yours is stirring. Brings to mind elvish woods and LOTR and things that are lost but will one day come back again. Happy-sad; bitter-sweet.

As to the faith one - Ah yes! Or, in a similar vein, "Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances you know to be desperate." - our old friend Chesterton. :)

*chortles* That last one I have read before; in your epic saga chronicling your battle against Procrastination. :D


Jake said...

Chesterton! Indeed, it is in a similar vein. I like that one very much. :) Thank you very much!

I hope to finish the saga soon. O_o However, I have been busy (and not just with school), and my poor blog and writings are suffering terribly. *glances sadly at the date of last blog post* I have things planned, however...a giveaway is on the horizon. (OO)

whisper said...

I like it too. :)

A giveaway? o_O How exciting! I await it with eagerness. :|


Jake said...

I read this and thought of your post. :| It is the opening paragraph of the second book in Hero Complex, Hero in Hiding.

"It was a dark and stormy morning. The night had been dark and stormy as well, but saying so at the beginning of the chapter would have been copyright infringement."

whisper said...

HA! That is FANTASTIC! :D Sounds like a worthy book with an unusual style. Do you recommend it? o_O

Jake said...

Read the first book first, and I shall I heartily recommend it. :) It's called "Hero, Second Class". The author pokes fun at standard writing phrases and such stuff on almost every page, and manages to tell a good tale with a hint of seriousness at the same time. However, if that would annoy you, don't read it. Otherwise it would be agonizing. O_o

whisper said...

By all means, I shall make note of it! It sounds like just the type of tale I would enjoy. Even what little I've read of its summary online is intriguing! I'll let you know when and I read it. o_O