March 13, 2011


Because I haven't posted a video in a while,
and because I have no time to write a proper blog post,
and because I never claimed that this would be most intellectual blog on the blogsphere,
and because I have never been the most sophisticated bulb in the box,
and because this made me alternately laugh and tremble in fear,
and because I hope it will make you do the same,
and because Frank the Uneatable commanded that I do this,

I'm going to post this video, entitled Spatula. My Underground friends, THIS is the Frank we know and fear. Watch if you dare.

(note of clarification: In case there was any doubt; I did not make this video, nor do I know the person who did.)


Post Scriptum: If you have no idea who Frank is, let it suffice to say that he is The Great Spatula, revered and feared among all the known world. He devours his enemies like tic-tacs. Only the Yodeling Dwarf has ever lived to tell the tale. Frank is Uneatable and absolutely and unquestionably Undefeatable.


Cson said...

ROFL! That was hilarious!


I mean, that was terrifying... fear the Mighty Spatula. :|

whisper said...

I concur entirely, Cson. :|

Jake said...

Frank has struck again. :| To quote Denethor, "Flee! flee for your lives!"

He is coming here next.

*geese* Er, *ducks*

*runs off into the Blue to show this to the rest of the Sadaar family and to then find a concrete basement in which to hide*

Vrenith said...

*falls to the floor* *shudders* *is terrified*


Ryebrynn said...

AH!!!!!!!!!!! Next thing I know he'll he after me! *runs for life* I won't ever trust a spatula again! (Who knows... one might be Frank!)

*is still running for life*

Brianna said...

My computer randomly shut down while I was in the middle of watching it. O.O It was very eerie and unexpected. (I still have no idea why my computer did that.) While staring dumbly at the blank screen I half-expected a spatula to sneak up behind me and... *gasp!* I shall not utter the horrible thing...


whisper said...

Jake, Vrenith, and Ryebrynn - we of the Spy Clan all had similar responses. :|

Brianna - that's just...... ominous. (OO) Petrifying! You're lucky to have escaped with your life.

Pathfinder said...

*starts to laugh uncontrollably, then quickly stifles it* what was that sound? *glances around warily and draws the Pen of Light* I think it came from the kitchen...


whisper said...

Beware, Pathfinder!! Frank has the stealth of ten ninjas and is more deadly than a thousand carnivorous gorillas! Be careful! Take no chances! And above all, DO NOT GET EATEN!!