March 23, 2011

Inheritance Cycle - Book 4

THE NEWS IS OUT! The word spreads all over the blogging world! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your dog, tell the plot bunnies dwelling under your bed!! (ohhh, you thought I didn't know about those? o_O You'd be surprised at the things this spy is aware of.)

AT LAST, after more than two years, we know the release date of the long-awaited fourth book of the Inheritance Cycle. The final book of Christopher Paolini's famous series is entitled Inheritance and is due to be released November 8th, 2011!

You'd probably have to be a monk living in the basement of a Polish monastery not to have heard of the famous Eragon series. What do you think of them? Approve? Disapprove? Uncertain?

Eragon readers, spread the word. The final battle for Alagaesia is coming.

May your swords stay sharp,


The Director said...


I'm glad. I'm not a "fan," but I've read the first three and like them well enough. Glad to know!!! Thanks!!

Christian Miles said...

Woot! So excited!

Is it just me or did downloading the picture distort the colors? I noticed that when I was uploading the cover and it bothered me. It's more blue or something... so I took a screenshot of the cover, saved that, and stuck it on my blog. LOL

It's definitely greener. Hmm.

::heads out to tell the plot bunnies::

Jake said...

I am definitely APPROVING of this. :| I have been a longtime fan--my Dad bought Eragon for me at a bookstore back when I was young, and I have been addicted since. I bought Eldest the first day it came out. I recieved Brisingr several weeks after that one came out. I have now passed them on to Vrenith after reading the series multiple times, and enjoy looking at the covers from time to time.

However, the list price shall drive me crazy. The initial price for a hardcover copy of Inheritance will be $27.99. Gack!

And for the record, I'm a monk in a Kansas Monastery, and the Order has heard of this Inheritance Cycle, to some degree. I keep them informed. :| My turkeys help me out from time to time. >_> They have to keep out of the Order, though--the Brothers are fond of roast turkey and ranch.

whisper said...

Y'welcome, Director. :)

Christian - *scruntinizes picture* *compares it to the one on your blog* Aye, I think this one is bluer! o_O Odd.

Ah, Jake, you are indeed an avid fan! Do you think you'll make an opening-midnight purchase of Inheritance? We too own all three books, but we gained them rather on accident. :P Brisingr we got because our dog tore up one page of our library copy so we had to purchase it; then we got Eragon for a dollar from a yard sale, and then we found Eldest at a cheap book sale and of course we had to get it in order to fill the gap between Eragon and Brisingr.

$27.99??? Madness! Methinks the Spy Clan will not purchase Inheritance, but rather stalk our library's online catalog and order Inheritance the second it is available. We'll have to be quick, in order to get in a good spot in the waiting list that is sure to become very, very, very looonnnnggg.....

Thou dwellest in a Kansas Monastery? This I have not heard of! I must come tour it sometime! I'll bring along my entourage of invisible ducks; they can hang out with your turkey minions outside the monastery. I will have to hope that the ducks' invisibility and the monks' passion for other types of roast fowl will keep my spies safe.


Jake said...


Nay, I have never attended a midnight opening--and I may just order it from Amazon. >_> Midnight openings would be strange and crowded, like going to a taco truck and finding a policeman parked there. Must've been good tacos. But the analogy fails from there.

The library catalog is a fantastic place to grab books--however, with such popular books, the system is usually flooded. I once was 110th in line for a book that was fairly popular (I cannot recall the name, though...). I received it somewhere around half a year after I placed a hold. Or am I confusing myself? That may have been another book.

Indeed, almost thirty dollars. I'm anticipating a very very long book. Otherwise, the money may not be worth it. I could buy three books for that price. >_>

Indeed, if you ever drop by Kansas, shoot me an email. I'm sure the Brothers will welcome the Spy Clan with great fervor and welcome the ducks even more (with ulterior motives, of course). However, being spies, I'm sure the ducks shall avoid a fiery grave one way or another. >_> The pies at the monastery are VERY good. Manny makes them. *nod*

Vrenith said...

Ah, so very excited, am I. Heh.

Yah, Jake gave the series to me, and I have read them many times over. And drawn the covers, too... that's partly why I want this book--so I can draw it, LOL.

*turns on Jake* Ye live in a MONASTERY? Either you've been sneaking out, or Mom is a monk. And personally, I don't think Mom's a monk. *raises eyebrow*

I REALLY hope we can get it... of course, tis so expensive... but then again, only six days after my birthday. *hatches plan*


Faye Rhys said...

I'm excited! Cannot say more.

whisper said...

Tacos?? *looks meekly about, failing to quite grasp the analogy*

Ah yes, we have been 100th or more in line for bestsellers, as well. It's a hard and painful wait. >_>

My goodness, even Vrenith had no idea of your secret identity as a Kansas Monk, Jake! o_O Of course I will most definitely inform you if I am in the monastery's vicinity; I'm most eager to see the sights and taste the pies.

You draw the covers, Vrenith? How very cool! Have you put the pictures of the drawings on your blog?

As am I, Faye! (lovely name, by the way) :)


Jake said...

I'm not sure what I meant by the taco analogy either. <_< I have, however, gone to a taco truck at midnight in the depths of KC MO before...and the policeman was there. >_> They were GOOD tacos.

I have many identities. Monk. Elf. Sadaar. Taco-eating scoundrel. I'd like to say I'm cloaked in mystery, but a better analogy would be "cloaked in a Kansas shirt". Many of my identities have yet to be revealed. *grin*

Vrenith's drawings of the covers are fantastic. I can vouch for them. They look like she went and copied a black-and-white of the cover.

whisper said...

*chortles* You are a man of many masks, Sir Sadaar; and I am quite eager to see the real face behind it all some day. :)

*nods appreciatively* I'm sure they're quite splendiforous! She'll have to bring a collection of drawings to the tribe party to show her fellow elves. :D


Brianna said...

Yay! Thanks for letting us know! I do like the books... actually, I've only read the first two, but I intend on reading Brisingr one of these days. There are quite a few things that bother me about the books, but they are very well written, and now that I've started the series I won't be able to stop until I've finished them. I think they would be AWESOME books, if only they were Christian. So, they're just "almost awesome". :)

whisper said...

Ah, you've read these? This I did not know! (OO) I concur; on the whole they're quite cool, but they do have a few elements that make them not altogether awesome. >_>

Jake said...

Amazon list price is now $15. *whew* Scraping thirty dollars for seven hundred pages of ink and paper would have been distasteful.

whisper said...

*nods vigorously* Most distasteful. Especially if a patient bibliophile could maintain the same work of literature for free if they only had the patience to wait for it to tumble down the library list.