January 24, 2011

Jelly Beans!

This post is much overdue. I had intended to give it much sooner, like, oh, say, twenty five days ago, but circumstances conspired wickedly against me. So! Without further ado, I will proceed to show you several thrilling pictures of the Christmas present that my sister, The Golux, so kindly gave to me.

- - - - -

There are recipes on the side of the box! This one is Fruit Salad.
- - - - -

- - - - -

Beautiful, isn't it?
- - - - -

- - - - -

There. Wasn't that comforting? I find jelly beans to be a solace of warmth and happiness in the midst of trials. Life has been a bit chaotic of late - at least for me; to say that these past few weeks have been an emotional trainwreck and probably the busiest and most stressful of my life is an understatement. >_> Within an extremely small amount of time I was hit by two debilitating illnesses, commenced my first college class (English, unsurprisingly), and was - *rejoices* - hired for a job as a Page at my library. *proud smile* In terms of update, I am now feeling much better, I'll be going to work for the first time tomorrow, and college homework is killing me. I'm in over my head. Please send a rescue team in after me.



Noelle said...

*no, don't drown!*

Brennan, how did you obtain a job at your library? Being the bookish type, I would like to know more about that. :)

Jake said...

You got the job! :) I was wondering about it...

Aye, jelly beans. Alas, there is a shortage here.

Strangely enough...the past week we of the Sadaar household have had a hectic week as well. One of the most stressful, and yet God has been using us. A phone call came out of the blue and may very well turn our lives upside down.

*sends in a prayer rescue team after whisper*

Whisper, sending in several prayer rockets now. Be prepared for God's will. :)



Vrenith said...

Jelly beans? *sigh* Yes, there is a huge shortage of them here... :P

*raises hand* Me too! Yes. Sending in lots.

(Hm, strange... almost my whole comment sounds like it's mimicking part of Jake's... *ponders*)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Noelle! :) Gladly, the snow has given me a small buoy of a break. :) Huzzah for snow!

Well, for about a year I'd done a bit of weekly volunteer work there (shelving, cutting out banners, sorting books for book sales, all sorts of random fun stuff) so that probably established some credibility there for me. :) Then a few months ago I turned in an online application for the job (I can give you the link to their volunteer/jobs page if you'd like) and... I was accepted. :)

Jake and Vrenith - a shortage of jelly beans? How tragic! That is terrible. If I had your address, I'd mail the Sadaar household a few, for courage. >_>

Jake - Wow... intense things happening for you. I hope these potential changes are for the better! In fact, I'll be praying so.

Thanks for your prayers, Jake and Vrenith! Thank you very very much. :) They've almost certainly helped; already there's been a marked improvements in my life. Thank you!


Brianna said...

The jellybeans are absolutely, entirely, stupendously beautiful, Brennan. I can see where one of your fascinations lie... :-) I'm glad that you have -- as I'm assuming -- overcome the stresses you mentioned in that post! And, remember, if hard times ever come your way again, the jellybeans are always waiting. :D

whisper said...

Thank you, thank you. *bows* They were very cooperative photo subjects.

And yes, I think I have - gratefully - overcome most of that chaotic stress... but I still keep the box of jelly beans handy, just in case. >_>