December 31, 2010

What Former Tribe Leaders Do

Silver Angel (former leader of Shadowtear) and Millard (former co-leader of Swiftstorm) created a splendid video concerning What Tribe Leaders Do When the Tribe-Building Contest Is Over. Enjoy. :)

(please watch full-screen for best effect)


Jake said...

Huzzah for the Elves! Millard and Silver did an excellent job. :)

Brianna said...

God made us humans as relational creatures. :-) It's why we crave fellowship with other people, and it's so sad when those fellowships end! (Even if only temporarily.) One of the cool things about these tribe contests is how so many relationships have been formed; many of them 100% online! Isn't it a wild world we live in now of days? And then, it's so AWESOME to think about the crazy "family" reunion that awaits us in Heaven... think about every single Christian you've ever come across, whether in person or online or some other way, and seeing them all again, all together! THAT will be something to look forward to. :-) (There is always hope, Elves!)

whisper said...

EXACTLY, Brianna! I have consoled myself much with the same thought - we will get to hang out with the elves forever! All our interactions and friendships here on earth are sadly sporadic and imperfect, but what great consolation there is in the fact that one day - in the End - we will all go on awesome quests together, in complete friendship.

Beauty, intimacy, adventure. Can't wait for that day. :) Thanks for the reminder, Brianna.