June 25, 2011

Mei Lin, Summer Camp, and Duct Tape

Three Things To Say

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I have a new cousin.

She is my third cousin.

Not third-cousin,

But the third of the three first-cousins that I have.

Her name is Mei Lin.

And she is from China.

And she is beautiful.

Hark wrote an excellent, excellent post on her (complete with more cuteful pictures) here:

The Ink and Quill of Hark - Mei Lin

Go. See. You know you want to.


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Tomorrow I leave for my very first summer camp, ever. It's at Patrick Henry College, and I will be gone one whole week! (A prayer or two would be appreciated, as this spy fears - among other things - homesickness.) The camp theme is Leadership and Vocation. I'm still not entirely sure how such a theme can encompass a week of games and lectures and whatnot, but a friend who attended the camp last year assures me that it is far from boring and is immensely fun. Fear and excitement bubble together inside me - it will be by far the longest time I've been away from home and family, but at least I will have the aforementioned friend there with me. She's attending the camp again this year, and I will be eversomuchly grateful for her guiding presence. :) Oh! And there shall be no internet there. O_O So... I shall have no communication with my beloved online friends. *snif* All alone... this is going to be very interesting. o_O

Pictures to follow.


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I discovered afresh yesterday the glories of duct tape. We had Rowan and her brother over to our house, you see, and it was most epicfulness. We made a video, you see. And I shan't show it to you, you see, because it would reveal our secret identities! *gasps of horror* Suffice to say that the video involved random disappearances, and a pile of shoes, and even - *gulp* - a spatula. By the end, we all had our mouths duct taped, and let me assure you that it made communication extremely difficult.

Have you ever tried directing six caffeinated people to do a scene when all your mouths are sealed shut and the room echoes with muted mumbles and snorted laughter and arm-waving?

It's very exciting.

It's a life-enriching experience.

I recommend it highly.

It brightens one's day and heightens one's appreciation for vocal communication.




Jake said...

Three cousins, eh? *muses* I have... *counts* Nine.

Summer camp...! The longest I have been away from kin and clan is probably a week as well. However, I shall be going to a writing workshop this Wednesday through Saturday that is as good as a camp (since I shall be attending critique and lectures at the college from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM). And the famed Eagles shall be there! ^_^ I have plotted this so perfectly, so that I shall be in her critique group and nab her newly completed novel.

Good luck at the camp!

Duct tape is VERY silver. *mediocre nod* It sounds like the time was extremely...brightening. I would have greatly liked to have been there to observe such epicness. :|

Faye said...

Sounds like and exciting time in your life.

Duct tape. As a Bible Quizzer that is one of the top ten things that ever Bible Quizzer must have. I think you might know why...

Have fun at camp.

Your cousin is like, mega-cute!

Creative Artist said...

Adorable little cousin. :)

Summer camp?! I've been to summer camp twice, and one was day camp when I was a wee little person, and the other was just a church thing. :P *waves away homesickness* Better to fix a problem before it comes. ;)

O_O Duct tape... OHH... we used to have way too much fun with that stuff. I can't remember if it was duct tape or not, but I had this tiny stuffed animal and we wrapped her tail in tape... and more tape... and more tape. :O Soon, it was as big as a baseball, as big as she was... and I hit myself on the head with it. On accident, of course. ;) But it *hurt*

That sounds... interesting. ^_^ As Jake has said, I would've loved to be there...


Silver Angel said...

Oh gosh... this made me laugh. hard. amazing :D

huzzah to arm-waving!


whisper said...

Jake - I still cannot believe your luck in going to the writing conference with Eagles'! It sounds like it was such indescribable fun.

And the epicness of our duct-tape-time would have been multiplied by at least 5 with your presence. :D

Faye - Bible Quizzer? I have not before heard the term, so I cannot deduce why duct tape would be so vital a tool to one. o_O

Thanks, yes, she is. ^_^

Vrenith - animal tails wrapped in duct tape.... >_> Odd. Our career with duct tape is relatively young, but I'm sure you and the rest of the Sadaar clan have many interesting duct tape experiences.

SA - I am so glad that it made you laugh!! :D :D Huzzah for arm-waving indeed. :)


Brianna said...

I love that duct tape picture! Ha!

whisper said...

I loves it too! :D It's a good quote. ^_^