May 24, 2011

Julian Smith

We of the spy clan are fans - ardent fans - of Julian Smith. Doubtless many of you have already discovered this guy on Youtube; he has a large and (in our opinion) vastly entertaining collection of short videos, many of which we know by heart and quote often. And (double brownie points for Julian) he's homeschooled!

With the arrival of summer, the retreat of schoolwork, and the sudden abundance of free time for reading, this one is most particularly fitting. I'm sure many of you can relate to it. It is entitled "I'm Reading a Book."


If you need a laugh and you have the time (be careful; his videos sucked me in for literally hours) check out some of his other videos. I would in particular recommend "Hot Kool Aid", "Pre-Blessed Food", and "UMove" (it's all I can do to stop myself from piling on more recommendations. I'm getting off now. Quickly. Truly. Now.)



Jake said...

I have vaguely heard of his name.

That video was...strange. *blink* I'm not sure what I think of it. >_>

Pathfinder said...

Jake: you'll like his other videos better. Hot Kool-Aid is by far his best.

I loved the ending of this one. You can't go wrong with bagpipes. That is, unless I'm trying to play them...

Squeaks said...

Hahha, I got sucked into his stuff too lol! It's amusingly hilariously funny! I haven't seen all his vids...buuuut now that I mentioned it

*rambles off to youtube* :P


whisper said...

Sir Jake - Lo, 'tis strange indeed. o_O Melikes it, but to each his own. I wish I could play the bagpipes... *forlorn sniffle*

Heh, as Pathfinder said, Hot Kool-Aid is indeed great. >:)

Squeaks - I hope I didn't waste too much of your day. :P Which video is your favorite?


Faye said...

Yep, I'm a fan of Julian Smith!

whisper said...

Huzzah! :D

Jake said...

I have come to the conclusion (after much contemplation and thought) that this fellow vaguely annoys me. As you said, to each his (or her) own.

I'm glad you and your clan like him, though. :) I really don't have a reason to dislike him. (Thus the "vague" in my previous sentence.)

whisper said...

At least you've given him contemplation and thought, and thus given fandom a chance to get a foothold in your mind. :| Annoys you? o_O *sighs* I think my parents would be on your side. They've gotten rather sick of us hollering his video quotes back and forth to each other across the house...