November 1, 2010

Book Giveaway

The illustrious Millard is giving away a book! And not just any common novel, but one he described with the most glowing praise I have, I believe, ever before (or since) heard him attribute to any book. I have been quite eager to read it and I assume you are too.

In case you can't tell from the picture at left (which I found on the book is entitled "Beyond the Reflection's Edge" and is written by Bryan Davis.

If you'd care to take a shot at getting a free copy of this book, I direct thee hither:

And speaking of NaNoWriMo, my tale has reached 843 words, about half of today's required quota. I shall be bolstering that number throughout the night. Thus far the story has included the following three elements: a cherry tree, sheep, and slavers.

It's been a good start. :D



Jake said...

A cherry tree?! :O Oh my. >_> Good luck, and Ellos go with ye.

whisper said...

Thank ye. :)