September 22, 2010

Jelly Bean - 1


This brave jelly bean tastes of hearty coffee with plenty of sugar and a bit of cream.

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(Just in case there is any doubt, this is not a paid advertisement. I just have a queer fascination with Jelly bean flavors. >_>)


Squeaks said...

O.o so do I! My favourite is the light blue-ish blue one. I can't remember the flavour but...mmmm so good.


Jake said...

I love Jelly Bellies...but I never have them. :P

Noah said...

Whisper!! You have a blog! (and a rather nice-looking one at that!) I am already enjoying reading your posts, keep up the fun work!

whisper said...

Light bluish... that might be Berry Blue, perhaps... (or toothpaste, heheh. But that I doubt. >_>)

Poor Jake. *pats him consolingly on the back* Someday, if we meet, I will give you some. *makes note*

Thank you so much, Noah! That is very encouraging to hear. :)